Was reading an article about how the West Nile Virus had effected American bird populations. It's depressing to imagine so many birds are dying from this, let alone that 900+ people have died from this virus. I wonder what one can do, beside the obvious (emptying out water from gutters and various containers, using mosquitoes repellant and repairing screens). Stagnant water in tires are where most mosquitoes breed and these should be stored or discarded properly.

A good site for PA and finding out about local ways of preventing West Nile virus is at the PA West Nile Prevention site. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) offers info statewide.

The good thing about the Bird article is that these birds will come back and thrive. So, I didn't feel too disheartened. I found out that West Nile virus seems to be a seasonal flare up. It doesn't go away as some bird with West Nile don't die off and when mosquitoes bite these birds, it spreads the virus.

I guess the main thing is to keep your neighborhood clean of debris that collects water. This will limit the mosquitoes to areas where their natural predators (frogs, other insects and bats) can eat them. I'm really, really glad we have a few bats in our area. :) Hmmm, I think I may have to do some bat paintings.


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