Volunteered at the local art gallery today...

Got to watch shop for a few hours at the Albert Michael's Gallery and Gifts today. A quiet time, though I did get a lot of work done...did some house cleaning, sorting and then mounted lots of new photos of my digital work. Looks pretty good and I have some at the gallery and I'll put a few on eBay as well. I also got to meet John Rita and his mother, Mrs. Rita (she owns the building). Very nice people. John is a local artist and does restoration of artwork.

The owner, Karen Special, was doing a demo for a few hours at the local A.C. Moore. She was teaching "One Stroke" painting. Very nice stuff and looks beautiful on glass. I'm eyeing a small cake dish at the gallery...hehe

We stopped by later that afternoon and looks like there was a huge crowd there. Glad to see people out and about. Now, how do we get them to go to the gallery? hmmm :) Actually, I have a few ideas but I'm always open to more.

We got a movie from Netflix, Chronicles of Narnia. We've never seen it so, I hope it's all right. From what I hear it's pretty exciting and the animals are beautifully done. We shall see...


Did some home cleaning as well...finally dusted the bathroom. Good grief, there was inches in there. And the best news of all, it's warm!!! Today was at least 72 degrees and its seemed like the grass was singing praises (till the neighbors obsessively mowed theirs...very tidy people, I guess) and the bugs and birds zoomed about in delight and fright (fright being the bugs trying to get away from being eaten). All in all a good day. Jon walked the entourage of kids and dog to the park where he bonded with fellow fathers. Apparently, all the moms in the area threw their families out the door. ha-ha! I know I was ecstatic to leave the house and be on my own doing something I like. All in all a pretty good day. I feel a bit sad I did miss the book sale at the Hollidaysburg library...but there is the Altoona library sale coming up.
All this warmth is giving me creative bursts, apparently. I've come up with a few new ideas I want to try in regards to my artwork. I'll see what happens and fill you in as I go.

Also, I finished my Graphic Novel...that is the written part. Now, I'm in stage two of editing/adding historical bits and then the illustration begins. I'm thinking of just skipping the the publishers (for now) and doing it on my own. I'm having visions of local book signings....:)

Well, more to come...Have a good weekend!


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