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This was from yesterday, actually. I feel better today. There are days when you just feel so blah and yesterday was one of those. I had a serious case of negativity...I knew it was a stress/over-worked feeling (taking care of two kids ALL day long can make any Emily go a little dull...scary). Anyway, today was better. I did freak a bit with the rain pouring down all over me and my sunroof leaked, again, and poured all over me every time I turned the truck. I'm going to have to carry towels...again.

But by the time I drove back home after my allergy shot, I was singing with the gals and was trying to teach them a Pipi Longstocking song (we're all together). Not too bad...

Yesterday, the sun was pouring all over the place and seemed to mock my mood...we walked several times, the best being later after all the bees and things either went to sleep or couldn't be seen. We caught the smell of some foreign smelling blossoms...so enchanting like a trunk of handmade lace and gold buttons. I'm guessing it's been around for some time but I never knew. Having allergy headaches for 3 years. I'm only now truly enjoying Spring,

I still can't believe how lovely that blossom smell was...


Carol said…
and they lifted a spirit..
Hi Emily!

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