Things that I love

1. My family
2. My pets
3. Seeing bugs and blossom pics slowly pour into flickr
4. Quiet moments after a full, somewhat hectic day
5. Talking to my sister/mom or girlfriends on the phone
6. Going for walks on a warm afternoon and running into my parents-in-law
7. Feeling comfortable with the guitar and memorizing the chords
8. Creating some artwork from bits of random pieces
9. The seasons
10.Sitting with my dog across my lap, and my cats around my shoulders
11.Watching old TV shows with my kids like Sigmund the Sea Monster or H.R. Pufnstuf and seeing their reaction


Emmie said…
Hey Emily, you come across to be a very sensitive and thoughtful person who loves home, kids, family and enjoys the little things in life.Hope you have a great Easter. wishes to you and your family.Cheers.:)
Emily said…
Thanks, Emmie! Hope you have a good Easter too! :)

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