Techno Stupidity

Yesterday, hubby, kids and I went to the new Martin's market in my town. This is the second time we've been there and the gals were starting to ask about the childcare spot they have. It's similar to the other childcare place at the other market we like. I had Jon take care of everything as I had to go to the bathroom which is (strangely) located all the way on the other side of the massive market.

When I came back, he was just finished signing papers and I waved him down. As he approached I noticed a huge white band on his wrist and started laughing. It was a bit much. Then, he showed me this walkie talkie he had stuck on him. That made me take a double look and raise an eyebrow. He looked like a bear that had just woken from a his tranquilizer shot after being tagged and collared with a radio transmitter. A bit over kill, I thought.

We finished the shopping and went to retrieve the kids. The kids opened the door and walked right to me. In the meantime, Jon was signing papers and then got a digital photo taken of himself. I thought this was creepy. The worst of it was when my gals opened the door, nobody shut it from the inside! The two people in charge were too busy plugging in the info/checking the walkie talkie/etc to close the damn door! I even waited for them to close the door because I worried about all the other kids and the women didn't even turn around. So, I closed the door and just shook my head at the techno stupidity!

It was just a really disgusting amount of gadgets to make sure the parent wouldn't run out the door and abandon their kids (I suppose) and a huge amount of care for "state of the art" toys to look safe. Basic things like closing the door would have made the lot of kids safe and honestly, I will not being using this market anymore. These are the same market where they had magazines with pics of Saddam Hussein being hung right at the check out. Oh, and if you write "too many" checks around town, they will "protect" you by not allowing you to write one at their market in case you stole your own checks. They want to make sure you are safe (unless you join the Gold Club and then you can write-up a hundred checks and they won't bat an eye). Makes sense, doesn't it? And your driver's license, that doesn't matter because this market is a higher power than the state of PA, apparently.

Things that irritate because this little market wants to look extra safe, I guess. All I really care about is if I save a few bucks and my kids aren't going to wander out the door when I leave them somewhere supposedly protected.


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