Sweet dreams paper doll

Sweet dreams paper doll, originally uploaded by emily999.

Here's another little doll I made. This was actually from a few weeks ago. I've made about 12 since then (maybe a bit more). They are really fun to make/experiment with, though I've learned that I do not like my hot glue gun very much. It has a lot of power and just burns really easily. I've burnt my fingers on that thing three times just tonight and on Christmas eve I ripped off a piece of skin when finishing up a last minute gift. That owie took forever to heal, let me just say.

Anyway, I may need to take out the slow glue gun as this one is probably too big/hot for small pieces. It hurts to even type. :(

Otherwise, we are in the middle of a monsoon. It is raining and snowing in the most awful way; so cold and icky out. I can't even step outside in my winter coat (get's soaked and wet down feathers are not fun or smell good). I may take the girls to the local library as an outing. Otherwise, it's just too miserable lately.

We had some family over this weekend. They stopped by for a mini-trip. My sis-in-law is pregnant with number two and looks as though it may be a boy. Everyone is excited! :)

On a different note, it's interesting to me how some people make misconceptions about pregnant people and people who are heavy. Some people seem to think that heavy people can't tolerate the weather (if it's warm), are dull and are just sloppy. All of this is utterly ridiculous and quite painful to have remarked in little ways (or big ones). It's even more painful when it's people you regard as close or family. I could make quite a few remarks on people who say such ignorant things but I'm more embarrassed for them than anything. I'd be more specific but for some reason when I write something here, often some people in my life get to hear this. Yes, I know I'm vague...oh, boy...supposedly.

Honestly, it irks me to no end when people pick on someone for their size/height/body/etc. It really bothers me even more so because there are worse things in this world then a person's body. I'd rather those complainers go and attack cigarette companies or war mongers. But I guess that would be too hard.

Breathing in, I know I am breathing in....

Had a "jam" session at the parent's house. It was nice except most everyone complained and stared and just were so negative. You'd think we were playing electric guitars hooked to amps or something. All we played was "you are my sunshine" and various melodies of this variety! Geez! I told a few folks, "if you're holding a guitar in your hand, you can make a comment. Otherwise..." And yes, we sounded like a first time playing guitar group but you know, it was the first time we're playing together. Sometimes, I think people are very hung up on perfection in life. But what if we were perfect? What then? Everything would be down hill from there or else aimed at keeping that "perfect” state. Is that really a good idea or feeling or happiness? I certainly don't think so. I think perfection is over rated. I think perfection is a state of being in the moment. Being there and feeling what is around you and not caring about the dissonance...in fact, it's about embracing those broken chords and seeing them as making the times there are harmonies even sweeter. Does that make sense? I hope so because this gives my blistered fingers some reason for being burned at least...lol. :)


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