It's a dusting of the last snow of Spring, I guess. The temp dropped yesterday from about 45 to 28. In one hour, it dropped 10 degrees. No wonder my wrists were aching (slight arthritis). Ouch.

But we had a few good days...Tuesday was 70 degrees and we had a lot of outdoor/porch play. So, I don't feel Closter phobic, yet. The gals are surprised to see snow again and started saying Christmas is coming. I had to laugh and said, well, actually Easter is coming but what the hay.

We're celebrating my eldest b-day on Saturday...I wish had it on Wednesday, it was so nice and warm. Ah, well. It's supposed to be cold the rest of the week, if not weeks.

Last night, I finished typing up the last bit of my written part of the Graphic Novel. I realize I need one more scene and then it's editing time. I'm excited and fascinated by the story and events. I'm basing it loosely on real's going to be from the 1800's.

I've started sketching out a scene or two and trying to describe the way people look. I'll see what happens.


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