Rainy day Sunday

The lilac bush is starting to show the tips of leaves. It seems each day they grow by a full 1/2 inch...amazing. I pulled out a bunch of trash from the garage and now it's all wet. Great.

I just had my first coffee in two days. I feel a bit more awake. I have to say black tea peach with ginger is almost equal to java. Almost...

I made banana bread and it's nearly finished baking. The house smells good and I just finished listening to "Here in California" by Kate Wolf. It's such a touchingly sad song. Makes me think of California, of course, and my family and friends, and my love for them. It's funny, I watched this one show called "Raines" last week and it made me a bit nostalgic as the main character said why he loved California...from the sunsets, to the colors and even with all the problems there is something beautiful about this land. I understand that. Of course, now I'm feeling that way about two places. Pennsylvania is quite amazing even if I have to live on allergy medicine and get my desensitizing shots.

I have to say clearing out all that stuff in the garage, I'm amazed to see all that space. We moved the massive rabbit cage to the side and there are still boxes of books to deal with but it's not as horrible. I'm sorry to repeat all this again but I'm just so pleased with having space. And mom, don't worry, I'm not throwing out anything I'll regret...believe me.

I did find some treasures...an old chair I'm going to clean up and paint (it's beautiful, really with a 1920's look) and two attractive frames. One is small and may have been a mirror. The other is big and is a mirror. I'm thinking shabby chic. I might put that over my China cabinet if it comes out well. I'm still debating painting the cabinet...Right now, it's not so bad and looks handsome actually. I might need to rearrange some furniture in the dining room as it looks cramped. I found out if I use all the leaves in my dining room table, I get more surface space but it's a bit tight to move around in. Ah, well...

Sometime this week, we're supposed to get an Onion snow meaning "A light snow in late spring, after onions have been planted." Others have used this term to mean a layer as thin as an onion skin on the ground, or onion grass (?) growing. Interesting meanings.

Well, the banana bread was a huge success! I added dried apricots and let in the 1/4 extra of milk. The bread came out so soft and the perfect coloring. Hope it stays soft. I think I'll try this again...maybe next Sunday for Easter with chocolate chips. Just remembered. my brother, Daniel, likes banana bread with chocolate chips...hmmm, maybe for his April birthday? We shall see. I still owe my other brother, Dave, a b-day present. I have plans for both of them. :)

Yesterday was one of the best Saturdays we had in awhile. First, we dropped off two batches of cardboard at the recyclers. It was a really busy place! Surprising and quite nice to see so many people recycling. There was one bad part where Jon closed the car door on his finger and I thought he was going to faint. The nail will probably fall off...ouch!! But we got more things done...made some copies I've been meaning to make, mailed off a swap, and then the garage. At about 5pm we had tickets to a pasta event for several fund raisers. We got the take out as the place was packed! So, we had that for dinner. Not a bad day. I also got some artwork in, put up some eBay auctions, submitted a few more things to card companies and finished a new batch of ACEO's. Oh, and I put up two dolls on Etsy as well. Not too bad for a Saturday. I like things to be productive and this was one of those good days. :)


Kari said…
Productive days feel so god, don't they! Congrats on clearing your garage, I bet that feels great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it!

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