Mint tea, again

I'm up at 4 am and the air feels too dry. So, I made some tea and it's helping. The ol' sinus/allergy thing is annoying but I now know what I have to do. So, I do my nasal flush, make sure there is water in the furnace and keep dusting. I need to get a few more of those face masks (the kind to filter out the air) as when I do dust it/use spray it bothers me.

I read that Kurt Vonnegut passed away on Wednesday at 84. I was saddened to learn this but glad he had a good long run. I remember reading Vonnegut in my early twenties and was amazed/shocked/depressed by what I was reading. Sometimes, his work gave me instant pictures in my mind and I'd have to illustrate them. "Cat's Cradle" had that effect on me with the infamous Ice-Nine...

Vonnegut was an interesting writer and person. More people should read his work and esp. those in positions of power.


Carol said…
I enjoyed Kurt Vonnegut in my 20's as well, Piano Player, Kilgore Trout... He was so clever and creative.

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