I got an allergy headache...

I guess it was bound to happen. I forgot to take my allergy medication and got a headache this morning. It lasted all day and zonked me for a few hours (had a nap). But I woke up with the headache pounding. We had an optometrist appointment and the waiting area smells like cigarette’s! I'm not kidding! My clothes even smell. So, odd that it has this smell. We even wondered if the building had at one time been a bar or something. Either way, it bothered me quite a bit.

We stopped at a book sale at the library and I got a few books. It was packed! Nice to see people browsing about...some people think of it as a total social event, which is good and fine and oh so small town. How do they all know each other? Where are they all meeting? I guess I'm feeling a tad lonely.

I put out two applications to several new shops. I'll see how that goes. I hope I get something for the evening and part-time.

My mom has been under the weather...either food poisoning or a bad flu. Either way, it set her eczema off and she feels ill again, poor dear. I wish they'd all move out to PA and then I could take care of them and we could help each other. Just my dream...plus, I worry about earthquakes. I know earthquakes can happen anywhere but it's more likely to happen where they are.

I feel tired and beat. I was really productive yesterday...I guess I might be a bit exhausted from all that I did. I moved my big paintings to the garage (about 20-30), painted the dining table top (this was a bit stinky and I think aided in my migraine), cleaned up my studio (still in progress), did laundry/house chores, dropped off cardboard to the recyclers, and other stuff but can't remember because I'm pooped just thinking about it. No wonder my arms and joints are sore! lol! :)

Oh, and I helped the gals to get over their fear of a little bee that was trapped on the porch. It was so pathetic and cute when they started screaming at the bee and running to me. Poor kids. I showed them bees from a google search and talked about how bees are smoked out to get their honey. Now, they love bees and wanted honey bread. Very sweet.

Well, I got to go. A part of my migraines is nausea and I'm not feeling too hot. Hope the weekend is good for you and me. :(


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