I don't like catty people.

Or more so, I don't like mean people. I have a sign on my fridge, "Be Nice or Leave". I really do believe in this sign. I wish I could put it up around the house, at various groups and when somebody is being mean, take a sticker of this saying and stick it on their mouth.

Mean people suck. I remember seeing a few tee-shirts out there like that. And it's true...Also, I think being mean just because, shows mental illness...

There are various types of meanness and creating a “mean” environment...
1. Self protection
(This one is understandable...esp. if you don't want to be taken advantage of at a shop or some place of business)
2. Out of spite
(I think the Greek tragedy, "Daedalus" explains this one best...and how it's not fulfilling)
3. Lacking self awareness
(Acting out on impulse and not understanding people in general because they don't understand themselves)
4. Shallow
(pretty much like number 3 but never "gets it")
5. Cynicism (bitterness of the world)
6. Pain (physical and/or mentally...either caused by someone or self inflicted or purely accidental)
7. Belittling people (Much like the film "Sling Blade" when someone says something mean, followed by "just kidding". This actually happened recently with my husband and this other guy...I don't even think the other guy realized what a jerk he was being!)

And yes, I’ve known all of these as I’ve done them myself to an extent (shamefully or self defensively). But the trick is trying not to repeat them and realizing you're doing it and stop.

I'm getting old enough (and "learned" enough) where, if someone tries something like this on me, I'm just going to kick them. lol!


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