Gray today

Supposed to rain tonight. It's better than snow but it's bad when it's a cold rain. I've just eaten a big bunch of malted chocolate and now Lydia has found them.

Actually, I think it's still snowing. Oh, well.

I don't go overboard of the whole candy stuff as it's just too much after about the 1st hour. The gals are just too hyped and the difference in personality is not good. Some people say that it's not a sugar high...maybe not. But if there's chocolate there's caffeine and that is the problem usually. Though, I'm pretty sure sugar gives energy too (depending on the source good or bad).

Lydia just asked why I'm eating the candy. I said, because I'm a bad mommy. lol. I told her I wrote this on my blog...Now, she's embarrassed...sort of. lol :)


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