Gorgeous Day!

view from library
Today was one of those rare Spring days that makes it worth living in an area that is mostly rainy, gets snow/ice and is economically depressed. Today seemed like all of life was high on life. The energy and upbeat feeling seemed to make the grass grow 3 inches, the winds whip around like they were the first winds ever to blow and the sun proudly shone in clear blue skies. This is the type of day that seems to wash away all pains and sorrows and says get out and go for a walk, fly a kite or admire the blossoms. Wonderful!

We did a bunch of stuff...went to the Post office and walked downtown for a bit. It's one of those things about living in a small town that makes it possible for your kids to get to see chicks (baby chickens...you know, the yellow fluffy kind) being mailed to a farm! Yes, we saw about 5-6 crates of chickies being mailed. The Farmer guy was kind enough to even open up the package and let us pet one too! Lydia wanted to stuff it in her pocket and have one for a pet...but was kind enough to inform me of this after all was said and done. I admit I had a pull of the ol' heart strings but I've also raised two chickies. Mine turned into two handsome roosters and then there was a whole other set of situations to deal with! But it was really interesting to see all those chicks.

Then, off to the library we went...there was the annual book sale and we got 3 bags full of books...it was fun and the gals got to play later in the kids library section. It's funny. The gals wanted to explore the library and I ended up finding a lot of books for my GN I needed. This was quite handy! :)

Then, we came home, had lunch, played, cleaned, I listened to a book on tape "Practical Magic", went for a walk, they had a bath and then daddy came home. Then, we went to the market and now, we're all having a break. What a busy, productive day. I love these kinds of days where it's filled with activities and time to just enjoy life. Such a good feeling.

I'll probably have an allergy headache tomorrow but it was worth it. :)

(Sorry Nelson looks so demon possessed)


Claire said…
It's ok, the dog is just happy it's spring!
Cute post today!

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