Good Checkup at Allergist!

Yeah! No polyps in my nose! I'm glad to see the shots, operation, medicine and nasal flushing are working. Good's working and I haven't had to lie down/have a pounding headache and be so congested it feels like my sinus are 200 times normal sized. Phew.

Today I was wondering why, why my eyes were burning. I put my make-up to look beautiful for my kids or any passer-by, and my eyes start burning. I mean really burning and I feel yucky and yawny. Then, I realize I forgot to take my zyrtex and I'm feeling all itchy and twitchy. Plus, I have the doors open (for once) to let in some of that good ol' Spring pollen filled air. This and cleaning out the lint several times doing laundry, has taken it's toll. Still, I think I won't get sick as I took my prescription. Ah, the joys of being allergic.

Anyway, between all of this and thinking one of the cats jumped out the second floor window I had opened (the gals said "the cat jumped out of the window, mommy!!" Translated: "The cat was sitting on the window sill, mother. She then jumped on the landing of the steps and went to our room"), I'm doing all right.

We tried out the new market in our neighborhood. Not bad...has a child watching feature and it seems to be always busy. Some people were annoyed they moved half a mile away because it wouldn't be in their "well to do" neighborhood (translated:” I have to drive to the market instead of it being behind my backyard.") Some people are a bit much...

It was a bit funny as we drove to the new market we went down a bumpty neighborhood (as in needs some work) and got evil eyes from the people hanging off of their porches. I thought that was funny...though, I was glad nobody had a rifle.

Last week or so I got a huge aloe Vera plant from my freecycle group! I'm pretty happy with it too; it's gorgeous. The neighborhood we got it from is mostly beautiful and there was this lovely pond in the back. Apparently, this is owned by the neighbors in the very back of this extremely pot holed road. I mean EXTREMELY pot holed! I thought the old truck would get stuck in a few of these...awful. Well, we made it to the end and turned around. The house was beat up and there was a burn barrel with all this garbage everywhere and old mattresses, etc. I started feeling like someone might run out with a rifle then too and we drove back, bumpity, bumpity bump, real fast. Also, the folks who own the pond don't like people to walk/use the pond, I found out later. That's too bad.

Lydia overheard us talking about the pond and chirped, "Mommy, I can't swim! I haven't had my swimming lessons, yet!" We had a good laugh and then she started thinking about crocodiles...what an imagination.


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