So, I wrote previously how I'm sending my eldest to kindergarten. I've home schooled her for preschool and we're ready to go. I go to a school in the area that is supposedly pretty good on sign-up day and do all the paper work.

I then get a rejection from the principal based on something to do with the district and boundaries. Darling husband calls the district and they inform him to fill out a form, etc and all will go well in choosing the school. Husband does this and then calls today. They inform him that they were wrong and that boundary letters have no application to kindergarten and it's really a matter of the principal wanting your child in there or not.

I'm thinking, what? Does this make sense? Why did the principal send us a letter saying it was ALL ABOUT THE BOUNDARY? And then, now it's not? But a matter of preference? What? I'm feeling sick, actually about all of this. I really am. Do I fight to have my daughter go to a school that apparently is doing the least amount for a potential student? I don't know but wouldn't this be a nice case for a lawyer? I'm guessing by not allowing our daughter to go to their school, this is against freedom of education.

Honestly, I feel like this principal took one look at my "Home schooled" for preschool and said, I don't like homeschoolers. I feel this in my heart. I just read up on the 14th Amendment of the US and it states:
Generally speaking, a student has a liberty right to a good reputation so any action that would stigmatize a student interferes with this liberty interest. The property right of a student is the expectation of an education, which is established by state law, so any action that would alter this expectation interferes with this property right.

I definitely feel this principal is interfering with my daughters right to an education and I don't really know why but can only guess at the homeschooling aspect. I feel sick.


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