Feeling a bit better...

Chrysalis, time for change
Talked to dear husband, Jon and he helped put things in perspective. Thank goodness for a calming person in ones life. Everyone should have at least one calm person to know and reflect with. I feel better.

Also, I found out a negative person in the area is gone! I did a search and found out that this someone (who was very mean to me) has left the area. I could hardly believe it and feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I overcame the negative words this person used by knowing the truth about myself...this person actually said, I shouldn't work with kids! I have to laugh as having two kids, being a pretty great auntie, great tutor and just a decent (most of the time) person, I know this is not true. But it hurt me so much because it came from a person with supposed authority. Now I know why this person said this. She either quit her job or was fired several months after my situation! Most likely, she was saying things about her self. Strange and sad. I just wish I had found this info out 3 years ago.

But all is better now as I feel totally vindicated and liberated by this new information. What a relief.


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