Busy day...

and yet, I still need to clean out the rat grrl cage and Odie's bird cage. I'll do that tomorrow as I'm beat.

Yesterday, I pulled something like 25 bags of garbage to the front of the house, boxes and screens and junk for the pick-up. They came (much to my shock) and got rid of it all. There is, a bit more I still need to get rid of...another old carpet, two old toliets (one might be from the 1930's), more junk and I think that's it. There are a bunch of old encyclopedias from the 1930's that I would love to take apart and use as fodder for collages but Jon is grunting about this. Maybe I'm being overly eager about dismantling these things...I don't know. I do admit there is something so beautiful in the binding, and the prints color and workmanship that is just not at all found in modern printing techniques. So, these books wait and sit in boxes because I don't know what to do with them. There is one shelf dedicated to old newspapers and what nots I found in the garage. But mostly I'm disassembling the mass. I need to put up some more shelves as well. I actually made my own...just nailed a few boards up on the raw walls and there you go! I feel a bit proud about this...:)

I'm imagining putting in a work table or two...one for garden stuff and the other for wood working. This seems to be a more practical plan. There will be more than enough space for large canvas work and in the Winter a car, if I really wanted one in there.

Tomorrow I think I'll work on finishing up another room in the house. What I need for that room is a gallon of the basic paint color of off-white for the ceiling. I know we have some somewhere but nobody can find it. Very annoying.

I can't believe it's already April 3rd. Time flies, I tell you. This week we are celebrating my eldest's birthday. I'm so amazed at the way changes have happened and happy that we are doing so well. I wrote a poem about my kids but I feel a bit shy sharing it. Oh, well...here it is:

Love notes to now and the future you and I

My dears, my little ones, I love you.
My hearts, they dance on the grass and run down the street and back again.
Little shapes, full of grace, full of testing, full of joy.

I watch you grow in and around me. I see your eyes and hear your words, blurred and swirling, entwining in my heart thick with roots and shoots of growth. Oh, my dear sweet seedlings, I see you grow and am filled with awe.

Will I still love you in your teens, when wild you will want to run? Growing over fence and valley, tumbling away just for fun? I will love you still though thorns may prickle between us, I will still.

And in your twenties and thirties I hope, we will still be there to embrace as woods shelter themselves from cold winds and heavy snows. You do not need to fear, our roots are strong and deep and will last storms and dread.

And even if our time grows short (or if luck be on our side, so long), my hearts, our love will remain strong whether in the heavens or on this sweet Earth.


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