Windy and cold but warming up

Does that make sense? Well, we finally are moving towards rain and warmer temps but with this brings the Spring winds. I don't really care for wind. Jon loves it. I feel like it goes right into my ears and gives me a head cold, again. I need to find a cap to keep the old noggin warm.

I thought Jon was going to stay home as he was getting a cold but amazingly he did a lot better after sleeping for 9 hours. So, that helped. I'm still recovering but am getting better. Norrie is over her cold but I think Lydia is still muddling through.

This has got to be the best Winter yet with getting sick. We must be getting used to living here or else are extra careful with the gremmies. Apparently, markets are the greatest arbores of germs and the ones that make most people sick. Thank goodness most markets have sanitary wipes for the carts. I really think this helps big time. I need to wipe everything down with a bit of alcohol in the house next.

Even though it's windy and muddy, I look forward to the rain. I WANT TULIPS! I want all the bulb plants to come out and see the colors. It's driving me nuts to read various blogs and hear about all the gorgeous plants out. But good things come to those who wait...grumble, grumble.

I'm having panic attacks...I have so many people to get gifts/make gifts and so on for. I feel a bit overwhelmed. After this month, I am going to try and organize everything. I think I will create a post center with a list for the month of B-days, etc. I hope to the stars I do this as I even woke up sweating about late cards and packages.

On a calmer note, I finished some mint tea right now. I love mint tea. It's mellow taste relaxes me and usually makes tummy ickies go away. Plus, I have fond memories of my dad breathing in warm tea steam to relieve decongestant. That old towel over a steaming pot of water...and it actually is a very good and healthy way to ease sinus pain.


Jon got me this beautiful plant last year and it's survived. So, I will need to get a few more of these and I will have color all year. I'm truly amazed by this little plant...the blooms fell off and I thought it was dying but to my surprise it came back with new blooms! Amazing. It's called Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana. It has deep green glossy leaves as well as beautiful peach colored blooms.

I'm trying to work on my photography skills...a working camera will do that to you. I still would like to get a scope as I like photographing animals in nature and I'm starting to see how having a steady tri-pod is a plus. All in time and according to the pocket book.

A collage:

Free form collages I'm creating. I'm working with shape and trying not to think about the image per se. I want the piece to have a playful yet serious aspect...sort of a double look/take from the viewer.

A mixed-medium I'd like to enter at the local juried art show if I ever get the slides made. This slide thing is getting to me. Most places don't request slides and will have you send in work on CD or a jpeg. Just part of the annoying stuff of being an artist, I guess. Must be still tired out from that cold.

Sneak peak at a collaged piece I'm working on. It's fairly large at 4 by 3 feet and will be growing.


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