Feeling a tad tired, it's late and we had a long day. I'm glad it's come to quiet time now.

I watched the film "King of Hearts"...interesting as it's very anti-war and shows how ridiculous/absurd war can be. How, when "rational men" pledge and plan and end of killing themselves for war, it is the "crazy" ones who are gentle and kind which really make the most sense. Interesting and colorful film.

Jon fell asleep halfway thru it. I enjoyed it and finally started looking past the slightly annoying portrayal of people in asylums (really went overboard with the idealistic/child-like/all knowing POV) and started to see the film more for it's message than a realistic representation. The last line was beautiful and very poetic, "The best adventures are a walk through a window".


Went to the library and picked up a few books. Mostly craft books and fun things like how to make a hand harp, etc. One had lovely illustrations with ballet stories that sounded enchanting and sad. And still another was on dolls. We were in the children's section and came late but looks as if there weren't many kids to begin with (homeschool day). Who could blame anyone? The sun was out and though it was cold, it was shimmering out.


I got a small science project for the gals. We got caterpillars! I'm excited about this and the gals are thrilled. At first I thought the caterpillar’s were frozen as the box was left out but the little guys seem to be alive. One moved around at least. I hope they all develop well. It seems strange to have butterfly caterpillars in the kitchen...and one called "The Painted Lady" no less.


Well, I best go to bed. But one last thing...a good quote for the day or night,

"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is."
German Proverb

Thought this was so, so true...


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