Wednesday, March 14, 2007

more work

I really need to photograph everything I'm doing. I'm surprised sometimes. When I'm in the zone, I can do quite a bit. Now, if I had several hours a day to myself, I'd probably do even more but as it is, the hour Jon gave me was enough for today.

On the way up from the studio in the basement, my slipper slipped off and I nearly broke my neck. But all I have is a sore neck and a slightly twisted ankle. No more slippers to work.

I know I've mentioned this before (or have I?). If I don't do some studio time, I feel so utterly frustrated and impatient. I feel so much better now. Of course, I would love to spend a few days just painting and experimenting but as it is, I'm glad to have some personal time.

Besides nearly breaking a part of me on the steps, I got my allergy shot, drove around the with the kids, forget where I was driving and had to go back only to get after school traffic (whoopee) and finally got some paint for Lydie's room and a few boards to paint on. This does not sound like much but with two kids who actually say, "Mommy, I told you, I told you, you were going the wrong way", or "Mommy, you were supposed to dress us warmer. Now I'm cold and shivery!" The guilt and annoyance is doubled by avid talkers...And these avid talkers only want to talk to me, apparently. We were trying out the child care at the market (thank the Gods) and they wouldn't say a peep. Reminds me of that cartoon with the frog that only sings and dances for one person. That's me...

Anyway, the weather is warmer for a few days at least and my knees and joints are groaning. But there isn't any Spring flowers, so at least that's good. I hope to God that my allergy shots are worth something...

I was a bit embarrassed...Norrie said, "Eye buggers" at the allergist but I guess it's true. And she commented on the strange vegetable soup smell in the's always there. Maybe talking to just me, isn't so bad.

We're trying out public school come Fall. It's official. I'm nervous and scared and slightly paranoid. But at least I know myself, a bit. I hope this works and I hope I can trust everyone there.

I'm going to work on getting some photos (besides the juried show) and share them. Time for dinner...


windy angels said...

fabulous photo. I want to wish you the best with the public school system in the fall.I know all about the trust issue. very tough. My best wishes

Emily said...

Thank you!! It's a big change/direction but I'll try my best with the school system and volunteer as well. We shall see...! :)


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