Getting better

Some good news:
J. has survived the operation and is doing much better than hoped. Amazingly, the doctors removed his temporal lobe down to the brain stem. I'm in shock, still. Jon is amazed and glad his dear friend is still with us. They couldn't get all the cancer out and basically said it's about quality of life now. I'm praying for J.'s wife and child. We're glad something could be done and hope for the best.

All the stress has gotten to me and I've been struck by a cold. If that's the least I'm suffering with, thank the stars and all that is Good. This has dampened my creativity although I really, really wanted to make things. How good it feels to work with my hands...even in cleaning.

On a side note, our caterpillars are all alive and growing at amazing speed! I think it's quite an amazing process to see them growing and know that change will happen so very soon into beautiful butterflies. How funny that these cute/ugly little caterpillars will change into magnificent butterflies. A part of me is amazed and another is a bit repulsed at their wiggle selves. Plus, they are ever spinning hammocks to rest in after they eat. And of course, the girls LOVE them. Both gals love to watch them move about and have given them various names. I have to remind them to be gentle as they can forget and be rough. Otherwise, they are pretty good with the Painted Ladys.


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