Cold but gorgeous day!

It is such a beautiful blue sky out there as I write, that I wonder what I'm even doing here sitting in front of the computer screen. Oh, yes...finishing my coffee. I ran out of creamer so it's black. I don't like milk in my coffee and use soy creamer. But I had some bread and butter with it so it's not too acidic.

I feel out of sorts as the kids I tutor are moving and they have become good friends, actually. I'll miss them. But the good news is I'll be able to visit them once they are all settled.

As for me, I'm clearing more junk and should be doing that right now. In fact, I will be going out in a minute. I'm actually waiting for my allergy pills to kick in. Okay, pure coffee is not good and I'm throwing out this batch. YUCK!

Oh, and for those wondering, yes I create all the collaged photos myself. I really enjoy working with vintage photos and this is one way I can get some amazing effects (and hopefully some humorous ones too) just by working with photoshop and the ol' imagination. :)

Well, I'm off! Have a Great Friday everyone!


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