Thursday, March 29, 2007


I've been clearing out the garage...which is no easy task, let me tell you. Esp. with two little ones running about. The good news is I got a lot of stuff out and in the trash pile. I even found lots of missing things, oddly enough. The bad news is this is only the beginning. The cement floor in there is so corroded and crumbly we'll have to lay new cement. Then I'll have to get shelves/paint and do that stuff too. I've been trying to clear space out because it's time to do this big time. We've been living here for nearly four years (or is it four years??) and I still have boxes to unpack and my bike to find in the madness.

I dropped off a huge stack of cardboard at the recyclers. When I came home I had another box filled with cardboard and after I moved some stuff again, I found another huge box filled with even more cardboard boxes! Gees! So, I probably have to make at least two more trips to the recycling. Also, we found out we can drop off a huge bunch of stuff to the garbage people for a small fee. This is great news and I've got quite a bit ready to go. I may do this once a month till the garage is near empty and the basement is too. It pays to call and ask...

Well, I'm starting to feel the effects of two days cleaning. My back is giving me twinges of, "what have you done?" I think I will be going a little easier on the cleaning out part.

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