Blizzard out

Good grief! Spring officially starts on the 20th and what do I see outside? White medium to heavy snow and at times ice. It's March, I suppose...Oddly, my seedlings have begun to sprout in their protected starter pots...the first to wake up is Blue Bonnets! Well, by this weekend it's supposed to get in the 50's.

I spent this weekend I spent mostly recovering from a cold. Today I feel a lot better. Now, I know why I drove so badly on Friday. I thought it was just the ice but I kept getting panicy and nervous...not my calm self and it was because I had a fever/cold coming on.

I was supposed to mail some work out today but this snow is awful and no way am I going out with two little ones and a sicky me. So, inside I'll stay till tomorrow.

I made Albondigas soup for dinner yesterday. I used turkey instead of beef and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I thought it was good for a cold day. Then, I practiced guitar w/ dad-in-law and did some art at the table while Jon finished up some reading for work.

The gals were really good and so funny. They have their ways of getting attention and if they get enough attention, they are fine. I guess that's how everyone works, really.

Then I got a call from my mom and we talked till 2:30 am in the morning! We can talk for 3 hours straight and not lose steam. lol.

Well, I think one of my little ones is sick and has a fever. Poor dear. She feels really warm. I'm going to try and put her down for a nap.

I was supposed to finish photographing a few paintings today and send out for slides but looks like that will happen tonight or tomorrow. Oh, dear.

I have to say talking with people you really love, makes you feel so much better. Funny how that works.


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