Unicorn of Spring

Unicorn of Spring, originally uploaded by emily999.

My entry for the Whipup challenge, recycled art. This is made of clothes hangers, material saved from the dump (freecycle) and bits and pieces of trades and saves.

Oddly, I was going to throw out the clothes hangers but had to bend them to fit the garbage can. As I bended the pieces, I thought this would be a great structure for a sculpture. The clicking began and I used wire, good old duct tape and electric tape to secure the skeleton of the unicorn. I wrapped the body in padding and the salvaged yellow material. The last bit of adding buttons came from a trade with a fellow flickr user, Nina (funoldnew) and I had saved the lace/cloth leaves from my wedding headpiece and the lace saved from discarded materials.



Bitterbetty said…
That is lovely. I think starting from a salvaged material is so engaging. I really like the lace and the backdrp for the photo is so great. It looks like a Russian Laquer painting.
Emily said…
Thanks for the comments, bitterbetty!
Heather said…
Very creative. I love your process, and the unicorn is very charming.

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