Snowy day...

Was planning to do a "Jackson Pollock" with some art students but had to, no baby sitter and just feeling cold made me change my mind (oh, and the house is a mess). Ah, well...hopefully things will go better next week.

I put up some new paintings on eBay but have been working everyday on a new project. This project is basically my first Graphic Novel. I'm writing it all out first and am going to start illustrating once I've edited this 1st version at least two times. I think it's going to be interesting and might even be pretty good. We shall see. This is a story I've been wanting to write for some time...I'm up to 30 pages and I'm guessing a GN has to be at least 70 (at least what I've heard of). In a few words, this GN is based on historical events mixed with a touch of fiction.

After I get this one written/story boarded out, I would like to start on another story...local history. I've got more stories after this as well. These have been on my mind for a few I've thought about it for awhile.

It's funny. Before the GN ever came to be, I had written a fantasy story in HS. I went pretty far into it too. I don't remember if I finished writing it but I do know I tried to illustrate it in college. I did about 4-5 illustrations and I should find them to see how they hold up through time. I might try to find this story, rework it and see if it's any good too. At the time, I thought my story was too long and my illustrations too serious to be a comic. I think it might have been good for a GN, now. Probably, a beginner's graphic novel, but at least a start. ;)

Another thing that happened, is my keyboard is up and running again. It was acting spotty and strange (missing keys, ignoring basic commands, etc). I vacuumed it and turned it upside down and it works! Who knew! lol! I guess that will teach me to clean more.

Since we didn't do the art stuff, I took the gals for a walk with Mr. Nelson. The girls had a great time climbing snow drifts and I was pleased as punch not to slip with my yak traks. If you don't have a pair, get one quick! These are great (you will still slip if there is a bunch of snow clogging the grips but this is cleared if you drag your feet...Jon showed me how to do this. And he doesn't even wear his yak traks!). Then we went to Lowes to rabbit fencing as the rabbits are nibbling my pear/peach trees. I forgot to put some up, so I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. The rabbits are like deer! I left a lot of food for them and can't figure why they'd betray me. At least they're cute.

Anyway, after this the gals got a little tired and we had some playing, eating, helping mom do laundry and looking at photo albums. Norrie conked out and Lydia followed.

There are few new places I want to submit my work to and I've got lots of new paintings sketched out. So, I feel very productive.

Well, I've got to go and turn off the Rescue Rangers that is playing on loop that Lydia just finished looking at. Very 80's music.

PS Mom if you're reading this, yes I got my Valentine goodies (2 days before Valentines too!) Thank you!! kiss, kiss, hug, hug from us all!


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