One of those days...

Went down to the basement to do some laundry and upon coming back upstairs the gals had taken the smaller rat cage, put it under the computer table and opened it. Jane wandered about under the desk with Nelson loose. So, I was freaked. Good grief!

Then, Norrie decided to give Mr. Nelson some attention and cut off some of his fringe. He has a slight hole on the top of his head but it's hard to really see (I hope). argh!!

Then, Norrie tried to sneak into the bathroom but was shocked to see it already occupied by me! I have to say that was the funnier moments.

Just a day in the life of being a mom, I suppose. Let's just say pre-school is looking better and better.

I have to do a few more loads of laundry as it's becoming really terrible. It seems if I don't do at least one load a day, I'll be backed up with tons of laundry. And don't get me started on accidents from the girls.

It's a nice sunny day and the snow is actually melting a bit. Of course, once the temps drop at night everything freezes and becomes slick. I feel a bit more balanced about natue and hopeful about the future. I believe there is quite a bit of evidence about global warming and I feel very proactive about this. However, it's so depressing to hear all the reports coming from scientists, informed people and more. It's almost as if you want to say, to heck with it all, we are doomed. I think, if I were a scientist or a person with a lot of clout, I'd go a different direction. I'd say something like, yes we're doomed if we don't do anything, however we have the ability to do something...many things right now. I'd say this because I believe in hope and I know many, many people need hope in their lives. Yes, it might sound sappy but life is full of sappiness and this often creates positive change.

Anyway, that's what I'm feeling right now...carefully optimistic mixed with brief bits of hope. Kind of sounds like the ice cream we've got in the freezer (caramel sundae with the cone ice cream). I probably have a sunshine high...

Have a happy Wednesday! Over here it's great snowball weather! :)


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