It's too cold...

Found out the weather is zero and the wind chill is -18. Tomorrow it's supposed to be -2 degrees. I guess this is the coldest days of the year. It's like all the weather is off by one month. I remember January being the coldest last year...

Anyway, I'm glad it's "normal" weather even though I'm feeling like Dr. Zhiavago...I even found a quarter inch of ice on our windows! This is on the inside...ugh. I may be putting blankets on the windows...

At least our cockatiel is doing all right...Odie is warm and preening right now. Of course, he's got a heat vent all to his little self. I'm going to give him a box and see if he likes that. Apparently, boxes are nice for insulating. Mr. Nelson is acting out as it's cold and he doesn't like to go out and potty. But what are you going to do.

I really, really wish people would just hibernate for the Winter. I could totally do this. I'd probably be the Queen of hibernating! I must be part Moomin’s or something.

I was feeling a little depressed last night...I started to feel like I wasn't getting/doing the best I could in my art. I felt a little like I'm not in the "in-groups" in the art scene/blog worlds...and then I realized, who cares? These are just clique-ish stuff and I was never really into that anyway. It's not me and not to feel bad about not being _________(fill in the blank). It's really silly. But that's what I was feeling last night. It's funny how a good nights sleep helps put you in perspective.

On another note, I finished reading Jane Austen's "Persuasion" and am starting "Northanger Abbey". After this, I will try Anthony Trollope. I've read a few of his shorter stories and they are very humorous...just have to get into that frame of mind/writing style.

The gals are watching the rats and giving them attention. So sweet...they love the animals so much. I joined a few flickr groups on cockatiels, rats and bichons. It's inspiring to see what people do for their little pals.

Yesterday, we went to the store and the gals were in good spirits. While other kids cried and begged for junk, my gals sang and chatted about just looking at the toys and waiting for Christmas. It's not always like this but these little moments make me feel like I'm doing something right.


Carol said…
Hi Emily,
It is strange to look from the outside at someone's else thoughts. I am thinking of what you wrote,
I was feeling a little depressed last night... I felt a little like I'm not in the "in-groups" in the art scene/blog worlds..."

I am feeling the same at the moment. I have never been one of the popular ones but then I look at your artwork and writing and think with you,
"It's not me and not to feel bad about not being _________(fill in the blank). It's really silly. "
Emily said…
Thanks, Carol! It helps to know that someone else feels similar...sometimes, I think bits of my emotions still come out of what I felt like in junior high. Thankfully, they are very temporary and just little bits!

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