feeling better...

had a bit of a flu/ear ache but that's fadding out. Had to have an acid treatment on my ingrown toenail and let me just say, a quesy stomach only makes it worse. But I got over that too.

Anyway, it's cold. Winter has been in full swing and the temp has dropped to 7 degrees with a wind dropping us to minus 10 degrees! Ack!

I feel a bit cabin fever-ish and am looking forward to going to the fabric shop, if my stomach holds up.

I'm working on a few projects...mostly trying to keep sane. hahaha Just kidding, working on curtains and what nots.

Been creating with the kids...we made Norrie's pikachu a house...

(made of fabric and other bits...)

Then, I couldn't stand it any longer and had Jon pull out the dollhouse I made back in the 1990's (pre-marriage days) and let the girls play with that while we watched Nausicaa of the valley (very good, btw!).


Jodi said…
Paige thinks the Pikachu house is absolutely adorable. She is a long-time Pokemon fan. :)

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