I've been working on a few. I've had less time as my mom-in-law just had some surgery on her hernia. So, we've been doubling up on kid watching duties and let me say, it's not easy. This and being cooped up all day from the cold, makes it hard to do any work that does not include kid watching at the same time.

Otherwise, I've been getting a lot done, house wise. I actually straightened out the towel cupboard in the hall, our sock/undies drawers and sorted through the stuff piling up on the dressers; so much to do and still not much done. At least I finally have a day at home to relax and do this sort of thing.

I found out I have two appointments on and I think I may reschedule the dentist again...we shall see. I just don't feel like going there ever since the rude episode.

Today, I worked on making a get well card with the gals but they ended up throwing felt everywhere. I don't know why they were so antsy. Plus, they are obsessed with the rats (and letting them out!). I'm going to have to get locks.

I need to get a few more curtain rods and hang more curtains up. Doubling the material on the windows is a good idea for Winter drafts. Plus, I've been putting towels on the old window frames to keep cold air out; seems to be helping a bit.

I was looking at a book by Tasha Tudor and noticed my fingers looked blue against the white pages. That's when I realized it was very cold in the living room. I had Jon shut the doors, open a heat vent and sure enough the room is nice and toasty. Plus, we all cuddled under a blanket; even Mr. Nelson joined in.

I finished a little quilt with guinea pigs...I may put that up tomorrow. And I'm starting some paintings with my new art group in mind, EHAG. It's such an interesting, making Halloween related things all year is not so bad!

I've got a few things I'm prepping. There is a local juried art exhibit and I want to enter about 5 paintings and one sculpture (maybe more). I'm excited by this and I hope I can have at least one or two things shown. I hope I sell one or two things as well. Last year, I didn't sell anything but I at least won an award. So, this was nice. I'm really glad they accept submissions later in the year instead of other juried shows that focus entry right at the holiday season time. I don't understand this...I feel like it's a sneaky way of eliminating people who have young families...but I'm just sensitive about this, I guess.

There's another show I want to enter in March and I feel like I can do fairly well in this. It's for soft sculptures and should be fun. The entry/show is all digital, I'm supposing.

I feel a tad tired...housework does that to you...but at least I found more supplies in my clean up (socks make surprisingly good material for my sculptural pieces...but more on that another time).

I’m having an urge to do a lot of quilting…ideas keep popping into my head. Plus, I want to finish several other projects and such. I think I’ll start complaining if I keep typing as I am tired and it’s only 8:30pm. At least I feel good about the local art show. Now, to get some pics, turn them into slides and send them off by March. I wish more places did the digital thing instead. Ah, well…


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