The best news....

I found out last night my dearest friend, Caroline, had her baby on February 10th! I'm so, so happy and relieved everything went well! I was concerned as she had to have a c-section last time around and looks like this had to happen again. But she is well and fine! And her baby is too! I admit I was worried and was even afraid of calling her...I'm so grateful to know all is well. She has a beautiful baby girl. I know my mom is probably reading this, so get out the pink fabric and I'll get out the pink paint! haha :)

It's funny how we worry and worry...or at least I do. I've recently decided to hope for the best and trust my instincts a little more. Life is always going to have stresses and trying to find your center/calmness in the mad spinning can be so hard. But sometimes you have to spin a little to gain the center. Once that center is there, realizing you have to let go of what you are holding onto gives us our flexibility to cope in the chaos. All this from a new life; a new blessing.


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