I love this picture as it shows the green tomatoes with winter in the background

It may be the beginning of Winter but I have tomato plants! I actually saved these from my compost pile just before the first cold spell in Fall. I dug them up, gave them fresh compost/dirt and plopped them in our front window (our only Southern exposure) and waited. I wasn't sure if they'd take or grow, but it seems like they are staying! I'm amazed. I staked them up and slowly but surely little blooms appeared. Next, I made like a little bee and helped spread pollen and low, baby tomatoes!

I'm thrilled!! The tomatoes are small and still growing but I have them there. I'm hoping they continue to get bigger, but time will tell.

One thing about having a tomato plant growing in your window is the smell. I will touch the plant and instantly, wonderfully I'm in summer and I can feel the warm earth beneath my feet and the watering can in my hand. Lovely! The smell of tomato leaves lingers in the air and even Jon appreciates this small patch of Summer. He remarked that he felt like it will be summer soon enough and had similar feelings of warm days to come.

My girls have helped water the plants, admired the blooms and now like to point out the tomatoes as they grow bigger. I feel like a green house wouldn't be such a far fetched dream... maybe next year, I'll try an indoor Lemon Tree.


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