Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stormy weather...

Well, actually snowy weather...snow is pouring down as I write this. It's a wet snow and I wish the flakes where bigger. But this will do. I have developed an appreciation for snow now that I have my yak tracks. I'm not afraid of the ice as much (though, very respectful of it) and feel like I can at least walk safely to and from my car.

We got back from the market just as the snow began to get a bit heavier. It was a long over due trip. I got something I swore I'd never get again...top ramen noodles. You know, the cheap kind that are 15 cents (wow!) and remind everyone of college days, poor days and such. But I really don't care. I got a 12 (or more) packer and let me just say, a warm cup of noodle soup (how ever high salt) is quite good on a day like this. I'll drink extra water...

I've figured out that making 5 plus trips from the car in snowy weather is not fun. I pulled out my trusty pull cart from my single days and loaded that baby up. It took only two trips. Thank goodness. A few things fell out along the way, but it's just snow and a soft landing.

In other news, my youngest has found the 3rd floor and has decided to make trips there without me knowing it. At least she likes to forage like me. As long as it's not loading up the bathroom sink and splashing water everywhere...or spilling soap all over the kitchen floor, etc,etc. Just part of the three year old scientists mind.

Well, I feel pleasantly recharged. I may have to scan a few pics of my favorite mag, Home Companion. Their Valentine stuff is in and so delightful. And mom, if you're reading this I will be sending you a subscription shortly. I really love this magazine. I don't get my self treats often but this is one of them.

Off to the grind...clean up after a day of cutting paper, kid rampage, and threads and such from me. Be safe, watch out for ice or just slow down when driving and take time to visit the arboretums. I still have to find a few around here...ah, memories of the LA Arboretum. love that place....

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