Since cleaning out most of the 3rd floor and trying to keep it maintained (with four cats, this is very hard to do) I've felt like I've gained an extra room. A little more tweaking/cleaning out and this space should feel comfy and ready to be painted. I've got so many walls that need to be painted, it's pathetic.

Rooms to be painted:
Lydia's room (still need to finish that)
Bathroom (shame on me...been two years since I started/stopped)
Basement (nearing completion)
3rd floor (half way done, than I too cold up there).

After these rooms, I'll have to touch up and repaint a few other places as they are starting to look careworn too. Good grief. I did all of this, I'd have arms of steel. Good excuse to paint, I guess.

We're getting some cold air/wind...nothing like it's supposed to be. I've seen people going around in tee-shirts (!), sweatshirts, and of course there are people like me, insisting on wearing thier heaviest winter coats. At least today, I felt this was about right.

Sent in some cards to a card company. I've got my fingers crossed. And I'm sending in a few more tomorrow. I'm almost done with two more paintings for RPC and hopefully, these will be good enough. Also, I'm working on two bigger pieces with an abstract theme...more on that later. My "pond" piece is coming out better than expected and I had a flash when I raised it up on how to create the edging on the painting/collage. I'm going to build siding to look like a pond edge. It's hard to describe, but I'm working on it. So much to do but such good stuff to do.

I think the worse thing in life would be thinking there was nothing to do. I can't imagine this. I'd rather work...and better yet, work at what I love. It's a good feeling and one I hope everyone has a chance to feel/create.

I was reading the news the other day, and it stated something about toys helping to increase the IQ of children. Besides the obviousness of this statement (food would be 1000% better as well as a safe/loving environment), it was sad to realize that so many children don't have basic needs met. This is where we should be fighting and pumping money into. Want to end war? Feed the hungry and give them production/equal rights/living wages. This is what we should be doing but instead, we invest in wars, waste our time watching TV and use extra money for stuff we could live without. We really have so much.

There is this one fellow, I can't recall the name, but he tithed himself 10% of his wages to give to charity. That's all. Imagine if we all did this regardless of what we believed/didn't believe. What charties would you give to?

I know this probably sounds all preachy/soap box, but I guess I was long over due to standing on my little mount and shouting this out loud. It's funny how, when I'm worried about my own finances, there is always someone who is so much worse off then me.

Anyway, enough of that. It's a new year and good things are brewing.


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