Lots of interesting/good things in the news...

First of all, I couldn't believe it when I got the headline about Arnold, gov. of CA, proposing to insure all those who weren't insured with health insurance. I'm amazed. A republican saying this? Signs of the times, I think. Looks like California may have gotten a Teddy Roosevelt after all. ;)

Then, I hear the cry for National Healthcare. Why is this good? Well, if it's a NATIONAL healthcare system, that means businesses would not pay for it. I wonder if this would increase most minimum wage to a living wage and then extra money for whatever that business wanted. Would I support this? Heck yes. I think most people would and even be happy their taxes went to this rather than war!

Elections in the world have brought on more progressives and leaders truly with the people in mind. I feel like 2007 will be a different year and I hope, I hope it's something to write in the history books with pride.


Eden said…
I think he's more of a socialist, which is in keeping with the universal health care idea.

Also he paid attention during the elections in November and he lives in a blue state. He knows from where blows the wind ;)
Emily said…
It's kind of funny about Arnold, now that he's "hated" by both sides, I guess he's decided to go all out with something as radical as health care. lol

Very true about the blue state...hopefully more politicians will realize this...and it won't just be about blue or red.
Eden said…
It's the steroids ;)

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