I'm cold.

My joints and body are achy from cold. I'm wearing my winter coat at the moment until I defrost or the tea is ready. However, my feelings of global warming feel a bit less stressed out as it feels like Winter! I definitely know global warming is there and I'm glad more people are aware of it. However, I'm also not going to stress out about it. I feel like there is a bit of return to balance though, I'm a bit stir crazy from being cooped up all day. Also, we forgot to go to UU.

In other news, I had the worse charley horse in my life last night. It ripped me out of my warm covers and felt like my leg was going to fall off. Awful! I think it's because I was wearing slipper, the kind you have to grip with your toes when you walk upstairs. Not good.

We've watched the first season of Red Dwarf. At first, I thought this was going to be bad but after five minutes, I realized this was brillant! I love Red Dwarf. Talk about great writing/acting. The writing is excellent as it integrates economic class/labor/sci-fi/humor. It's very good.


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