Today warmed up but with the weird patterns of freezing, ice was everywhere. I slipped and did a dramatic speed skater pose, and caught myself before landing on cement by jumping onto the frozen grass. Jon wasn't so lucky. He exited his car only to fall on his hip in the parking lot at work. Ouch! He's got a bruise on his butt and will be carrying his yak traks from now on. I'm going to be doing this too. I think all the warmer weather made us forget how cold it does get around here.

We just finished devouring the handmade pizza I made. The crust came out different this time...sort of flat and had a thin crust feel. Very good, actually. It's funny, I ran out of pasta sauce for the base of the pizza and had to use ketchup. I added some basil and Mrs. Dash and it came out rather well! Who knew...and probably a tad less salty.

I love adding spam to our pizza's. If I have a can of spam, on it goes. I like putting cheddar cheese (grated fresh), olives, and garlic. I forgot the garlic this time but it came out really good, anyway. I'm going to have to do this more often...I've been lacking creative kitchen feelings lately...

I'm feeling better after yesterday. I was so tuckered out, I think from Wednesday laundry mania. And lately, the gals have been bored or scared or I don't know what but end up in my bed, kicking me, etc. I've got to stop telling them scary stories. I must admit some of them are pretty good, however. I may have to write one up...just to see how it looks on paper. :)

I tutored today. Nice break in a hectic world. But boy, the road was slippy...talk about hair raising. But I made it there in one piece.


Nelson, I thought, had only done one bad thing. But as it turns out he did two. For some unknown reason he tore up my netflex return envelop. He tore it right where the code is. Why did he do this? I do not know. It's not like it was covered in peanut butter or something. Then, when I came home today and after I just was telling everyone what a good dog he is, I find a trail of dog poo by the fireplace. I'm like, "Good God. What the he**!" All I could find was the window cleaner to clean it up, until I refilled the general spray bottle. I did all this, calmed down and forgot to put the window cleaner away. About a half hour later, the gals found it and sprayed all over the room, the table, TV, and their toys. Sigh...so I had to clean that up too. In cleaning up their mess, I found a barf spot (I'm guessing it's Nelson's) on a doll and had to clean that up too. Let me just say, it smelt horrible and I almost threw up. I'm starting to feel sorry for my self, again...I'd better stop and focus on good things. Good things such as: getting some walking in with the girls and we didn't find a bit of ice. It was a pretty annoying day but at least I got a pizza done and the house is sort of clean.

I had a cute overload looking at some early pics I found of my gals.
Norrie about 1.5 yrs here

Looking back at these, I'm reminded how quickly time does fly. And how much I love my gals.
Lydia's second birthday

Funny how pics can do that to you...

Lydia about two years old

Nelson last year


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