Finished a batch of chocolate cookies....

the house is a bit smoky as I found out Norrie put some paper in the oven and a stamp sponge. I had a mild panic attack as I thought I had burned something on the oven and was releasing harmful chemicals into the air. I aired out the kitchen/oven and proceeded with the cookies. I'm still nervous about that...

Kind of a tired day...back aches, feel a bit exhausted from yesterday. I must have done eight loads of laundry (cats/ leaky diapers/back log) and have gone up and down those steps a dozen times. I must admit I do feel stronger.

I'm trying to clean out the house but find it's impossible today. I feel so tired. I feel an urge to sweep everything into the trash and start fresh. Even my unfinished projects...yikes!I know what needs to be done...I need a few bins, shelves, and I'll be fine. Just frustrating right now.

It's already 3:45 pm and the sky is easing into sunsets. I really don't like this. I want light. I want Jon to come home before it's dark and not have to drive two hours on the road every freaking day even w/ carpools. I didn't sleep well as the girls kept me up and I had insomnia again. It's one of those annoying days.

I walked around the yard and saw the Walnut tree we planted last summer. The bark on the base is being gnawed by something. Strange.

I think I'll clean up the studio for an hour tonight. I feel a bit down/achy...wish I had some of the energy I had yesterday. The good news is I found out my nasal spray works really good! I've been stuffy for about 3 weeks and finally remembered to do this. What a difference!

I'm also frustrated about finishing this project I started for a gift. It's a pain and was meant to be a Christmas gift and is driving me nuts. I'm feeling guilty that it's so late and sad for myself...I'll feel better once this is finished and I can show it off. I know, I'm pathetic.


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