Did my work out (yeah!) and scanned some work finished art work. However, I'm at a loss on several things. 1. How do you scan/photograph bigger pieces without losing quality/detail? 2. I'm annoyed that I can't just scan everything on my flatbed. 3. I do quite a bit of work on wood that has been primed, this makes for horrible scans, as I learned and I am feeling numb to photography because my camera is busted and won't do close-ups. It's been like this for six months or more. I've been point/shooting without too much worry/concern for detail until now. I guess I'll fiddle with some of the dials and see if I can get a clear shot w/out flash for some detail pics. Reason this is important, I'm sending off a few CD's to several card companies and want work to look at it's best. Is this hard? You bet.

Anyway, I feel good. Yesterday, we dusted and cleaned off computer table which was starting to look shabby (in a bad way) and the dining room is starting to look kind of good and light. The basement/studio is looking too messy at the moment. We also started painting the last drab wall down there. The girls helped! They're so good and sweet. I wish I had taken their pics...so cute! We had fun and the wall is looking 100% better. I admit it was sort of freaking me out having that dungeon look. Good riddance! Only one more wall facing the outside and under the steps...this will be a biggie job but now I know bit by bit we can get it done. Jon is having thoughts of a second bathroom down there...we shall see.

I saw the moon this morning and it is magnificent! Oh, talk about beautiful!! It's funny how when you look at the movies or photographs and you're breath is taken away. But when you see something in real life for your self, wow. How much more meaningful. I'm in good spirits as the sky is blue, the sun is bright and though there is frost on the yellow grass, everything looks so fresh and alive.

One thing I've learned about living in the East and seeing the difference between having lots of sunlight and little to nothing, I'm sensitive to light. I definitely have to make sure to have some light. In Southern California, all you'd have to do is open a curtain or shade and there would be sunlight streaming in all day long. Here, you have to grab the sunlight when you can. I live around a lot of houses and they block a good majority of natural light. If I could, I'd put reflectors all around the house to "catch" light and draw it in. I know that sounds strange but it's just very dark around here.

I remember reading about these light tubes. You place them on your roof and they funnel light through your ceiling, etc. There are better ways now...something to do with fiber optics, I believe. I really love this idea and would have this all through my house. Not only does it save energy but it's actual sunlight! Anyway, until then I'm researching little lamps that aid in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


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