Cookies on my brain....and complaints

horses seen on one of our drives

I've been feeling like having cookies for the last few days but am not up to baking anything, yet. Oatmeal cookies sound esp. good. I think if I make them, I'll do one batch plain and the other with chocolate chips/raisins. I noticed A LOT of store brands (except for Nature's promise and maybe 1% more) have transfat in them. I was shocked. I also found out that all big named peanut butters have huge amounts of transfat. We've switched to the healthy brand that has to be mixed and refrigerated. Some people think there is no difference in the type of fat...but the real problem is that transfat is a preservative and is the kind that clogs arteries as well as is the hardest to exercise off. Moderation does not work with a manufactured fat that is used to give food good shelf life! That's pretty gross when you think about it. I feel icky knowing I probably consumed a heck of a lot of this junk over my life time. It's also pretty horrible that most inexpensive foods have this crap in them. If a person is trying to live on a budget, getting the cheaper food means that 99% of the time getting the stuff with transfat. It's no wonder a lot of people struggle with their weight...I'm one of them.

As I mentioned, I have been making our own cookies and I use the transfat free vegetable oil. I'm still amazed that so few cookie industries have changed their way in this regards. I know a few food chains are changing, like Wendy's but McDonald's still is stubbornly using transfat.

What I wish there was, was a fast-food place that did vegetarian or Middle Eastern type of foods. I would love this. I use a lot of garbanzo beans in our diet and that (from the can) is full of sodium. I'm not a health food junkie or anything but I don't like having swollen feet or not be able to climb I try to watch it. It just baffles me that there is so much backward thinking in companies.

This is where I start complaining even more!....
I had a dentist appointment today for my eldest gal. Due to rain, we drove slowly and got there about 15 minutes late. I go to tell the secretary we are here and the first thing out of her mouth is, "Do you know what time it is? It's 3:25 pm. You're appointment was at 3pm. IF we didn't have a cancellation at 3:30pm, we wouldn't take you." All this was said loudly, in front of another client and with an air of "you are sh**". I was shocked. I've seen this "secretary" before, I've talked to her and now to get this attitude? I was ready to leave and go but I was stunned. And I knew Lydia was looking forward to her teeth appointment and I had Norrie ready to learn from seeing Lydia.

The odd thing is EVERYONE else is nice at this office. Even the other secretary is nice and considerate. This person is so unprofessional and just mean. I've heard her talk to other clients in a disrespectful way as well. I'm going to write a letter to the dentist and hope he gets the letter. I'm still amazed that this person is a secretary there. What a horrible attitude! I truly hope someone treats her just as she treated me today. I'm almost positive she attracts this sort of energy as she certainly didn't make me feel even human for arriving late. For goodness sakes! It's not like there was sun and blue skies! It was pouring! Geez!

When she asked if I have the same insurance and I mentioned we were switching (saying the new name) and then I remembered this wouldn't effect our dentist work, she icily said, "Well, we DON'T take that insurance..." I have no idea why she is acting like she's in charge of a battleship or a section of hell. I am even considering changing dentists because of her! The only reason I don't is because the dentist is so nice and friendly and very good. He should really get rid of that secretary and find someone professional and considerate (at the least).

Enough complaints...I won't even go into the driver that practically ran into us as we were going to the dentist. Let's just say, there are nutty people driving around in the rain at 45 mph in neighborhoods (plus, their windows were all fogged up...and they honked at me!). It's just one of those crazy days.


Thankfully, tomorrow is Tuesday. I will be staying home (if it's rainy) and working with my 24 hour kids. We're going to try Kindergarten in the Fall. I'm not sure where, but we have a few options. Lydia is so ready, I can tell. She talks about friends, back packs, learning to read and write and all that good stuff. I'm very glad she's all right with this and that I'm here for her. Plus, I'm nervous as heck but that's to be expected.

I'm starting to see change as a good thing in regards to cleaning up house. Sometimes change, at first, seems bad and overwhelming. But then, suddenly, it starts to become accepted and definitely for the best.

I wonder if we'll get the ice storm...I hope Jon can call tomorrow off and stay home. The storm sounds really, really bad. Be safe all in the Northeast and Midwest!


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