Clouds that pass

The sky is a gray blue and snow falls slowly, gently. It comes and goes between drips of a warm roof and the freezing of ice. A strange mixture of staying and going. I feel sad for a friend of mine. I wish disease would be cured. I wish this and yet it goes on no matter how much we wish.

I feel sad that people can so easily disappear. I'm not saying we should last forever or that we chould all make our mark. But I do feel like we need to remember people and their stories. Stories are the most important, I think. This sharing of experiences, things we learn from and help us carry on.

And I feel sad that another friend of mine is carrying so much in him. I hope he begins to see that some people can't do that; see. I learned that and keep relearning this. It's strange to realize some things are as unchangable as a mountain unless we destroy the whole mountain. Do we really want to do that? Or should we just climb the mountain and move on? The mountain will go away with time. What we do, only can do is to respond or not respond to the mountain.


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