When I hear different reports from California such as the 1 billion dollars worth of damage to the crops grown there freezing nights...everything from oranges to flowers to avocados, I know it's global warming. When I hear that Australia has had it's worse drought ever and have to shear their sheep to the quick of their skin because of fly infestations, I know it's global warming. When I saw the pictures of people trying to escape from hurricanes at their most powerful, I know it's global warming. Lately, I've heard people say it's El Nino. But I'm starting to think "El Nino" combined with Global warming is absolutely frightening. Apparently, it's causing extremely dangerous curves in weather changes and I hope this will wake up the rest of the US and realize how this is going to effect them, effect our dollars and our future generations. And don't get me started on the Doomsday Clock! Good grief!

All in all, I think we're very lucky. Most people will be reading this and think, what? What's lucky about all this? Well, for one thing we have the knowledge of what's happening. We're not going around blindly not knowing what's happening. I'm grateful we have the ability to see the problem and know where to fix it. One thing we can do is recycle/reuse way more than we do. We can reduce by taking a day off driving and start carpooling. My husband does this. He drives a short distant to a car lot designed for this, meets his group and then doesn't have to drive the rest of the way to work (for 3 weeks). More of us can do this.

Recently, our trash pick-up made it easier for us to recycle and we've taken that up. It's a good feeling knowing we're doing this. We also compost and I'm going to do this even more. I wonder how much I can reduce my waste. Oh, and don't forget freecycle!

Besides all these things, remember to find out where your products are coming from. Does the company you're buying from make active steps to be part of the solution? Or are they stuck in a different time/mentality? This is something we need to be more proactive about. It's remembering that you have the dollar and can spend it where you want to. You make the choice and support the companies that either create positive change or would rather send people to war for oil and don't mind if they get kids addicted to cigarettes. Once such company that gives lots of ideas is called I still have to check out a lot of what's there but so far it's got lots of good practical things to do. Yes, it's a change in mentality but as they say, if you want to keep your brain active and growing, the best way is to learn new information. Also, thanks to Bobbi for the link!


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