bits and pieces...

It's way past my bedtime (nearly 1 am!) and I just finished two more cards to send in (actually, I've finished a bit more than this...I work rather fast). Plus, I'm working on a new batch of ACEO's to put up on ebay and several other paintings. I need to get more watercolor paper and I plan on creating two (or more) abstract/flower painting...I love this new look and once I finish a smaller version of the one I gave away as a gift (and stupidly forgot to photograph), I'll share that.

I really need to go to sleep as I'm starting to feel light headed...not a good sign. It was snowing today and it seemed all I did was drive around. At one point I couldn't see any farther than 50 feet but fortunately, was only a few blocks away from home. I'm amazed I'm getting better at driving in this weather. The number 1 rule of driving in snow/ice is go the speed limit or 5 miles slower. Apparently, if you do this, you also increase your life expectancy. Interesting.

Today was a day I tutored as well and I took a longer route there. It was so beautiful with the sun hitting the snow. I didn't stop for photos but if tomorrow is a little like today, I'll drive up and grab a few shots.

One part of Winter that I like is the line of trees against the sky. Gray, blue, and purple branches seem to hold the light in their essence instead of leaves. I love this. I want to do a painting of this soon.

Sad news of a friend...her husband has cancer. My heart goes out to them and I hope recovery is quick. Even with this news, I'm so glad we have treatment and help. Still, it's very depressing.

On a lesser note, had to take two rats to the vets. Jane has a scratch that the other rats were picking on and Fergi is getting over an eye discharge. Fortunately, it's a matter of separating Jane and Fergi is on the mend. I know Lydia was worried about the critters, so I'm glad to have this done. Our albino, Abby, seems to be going blind. I didn't realize albino animals have reduced eye sight...rats even more so. I wondered why Abby's eyes had a film of blue...cateract of some sort...poor dear. This probably explains why she's looking a bit rounder too. But she does sniff around and is quite alert. Amazing, really.

well, off to bed.


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