Ah, Los Angeles...blessed quiet in the roar of the city

I just read this story about the LA River possibly getting a Federal grant to create a wildlife refuge. I love this idea and it's just what makes Los Angeles so unique and beautiful. When I lived in LA on the border of Highland Park, I loved going for walks. Sure, there was always something to watch out for, gangs, fast cars, and some sick people but usually you were all right. And once you'd reach the concrete river, the rushing world seemed to fall away.

I'd ride my bike along the edge of the river...the smell of algae and plants growing was amazing. Sometimes it smelt stagnate and still I'd often see plants thriving in this strange and nearly forgotten place. At Cal State LA (where I got my art degree) I was part of the Creative Writing Club. Besides, poetry their focus was cleaning out the river every year and maintaining plants that are native to the area. I never went to a clean-up but I loved the feeling of saving/protecting this little bit of wild in a city where everything is bought and sold. I'd share poems I'd written, as well as others. It was a good feeling.

I hope the LA River gets the grant and people can make this place even more accessible to those who love it and use it for trails to walk or ride bikes. It's so important for a very urbanized area to have this; how very precious these quiet places are. Now that I'm blessed in PA with rails to trails, I'm even more grateful for what I experienced in Los Angeles.


firsborn said…
hi emily,

what a thoughtful post! i would definitely agree about such an uber urban mecca as LA should continue to have a bit of the wild, as you put it.

i grew up in chicago & i didn't really develop a deep appreciation for nature until i went to (& later lived in) maine>>> i really saw how naturally beautiful the world is once you leave the concrete jungle!

:) mary ann

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