two more to go

that's what I need to do to finish Christmas gifts. These are the made by me gifts. So, I'm pretty, I can't believe it, but I finished wrapping gifts one whole day earlier. I regret, I didn't mail out my cards yet...I just finished making them all. But they came out beautifully, I have to say. I hope I remember to photograph them before they're sent out. I used a tip from and got them done and with lots of fun.

I'm working in my studio downstairs in the basement and it's going so well. I have more space, don't worry about spills, drips and just love my space. Plus, I feel like it's mine and not the families. There is room for the kids to play and I'm setting up a table for them to do crafts. But it's mostly for me. We only have one TV in the house and I'm aiming for it to be down there, evetually.

Also, all this being in the basement stuff is doing some good for my legs. I have to go up and down these steps and, let me just say, it's a workout. An unexpected perk. So, I'm happy about this.

The majority of my things are still spread about the house but I'm working on getting everything in one space and esp. out of the bedroom. I was starting to use it as storage. I don't know why, just started to do this. Anyway, I'm thrilled and bit by bit it's shaping up. My only question is this. Why didn't I do this sooner? It's funny because the space reminds me of my b-friends, Caroline's sister's studio. They live in Arizona and I remember visting their condo about 10 years ago and was in love with the space. She had at least 5 tables around, cluttered and overhead lighting but so cool! I guess I've always wanted something like that for me. Feels so good.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good holiday break. We've got relatives over and just found out they are expecting their #2! How exciting! I had a big relief that it wasn't me! I feel like I just got back to normal and am happy with my gals but so happy for them!

Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed Holiday time! I feel very blessed by all that is going on in my life. I'm also happy that my husband got me just what I wanted: Wood putty. Yes, I know that sounds odd but I use quite a bit of it in my art. I'm glad he knows me. :)

I hope everyone is blessed with people who know them well and if not, at least knowing yourself well. I also hope everyone has a peace filled new year. I'll probably write more between this...but I thought I'd say it early.


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