Toe service...

Well, got my toe worked on and it feels a lot better. I need to go back and get the nail burned out as this time it was not healed enough. But it feels 1000 times better already.

I finished three paintings(to be revealed) and have to finish 3 more little works (again, to be revealed). I think I'm pretty good at keeping surprises...most of the time.

I'm so excited about using my basement as a studio. I've been moving things slowly down there. In fact, I've decided to make this my official Christmas wrapping center as it's actually roomy enough to do this now. I have a few more things to move out like baby chairs and what nots, I'll freecycle those away. An even easier way is putting stuff out front and it magically disappears. When we moved, I threw a lot out before coming to Altoona (who would have guessed!). We just left it out and during the night, things were taken that were wanted...oddly, about 5 plastic kitty litter boxes were the first to go. The next was an old office chair of Jon's, an old bird cage and such.

Well, now I'm off to the base-studio, studio basement, studio, basement, or laundry studio(?). I'm still deciding on what sounds best...


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