The snow is falling for the first time this season. I know it's not officially Winter till somewhere on the 20th of something in December. Had to dig out the car but it was very light stuff and easy to move. I'm a bit nervous as Jon took my heavy black truck and I have a light model borrowed from his dad.


Well, I started the above at about 8:45 am and now it's 3:30 pm. Time flies. Made it to all my appointments and even had time to spare and get something called yaktraks. Basically, their snow tires for your shoes. They help you with not slipping on ice, which is one of my biggest complaints about winter. I hope they work. I tested them a bit but there will be plenty more chances as the Winter progresses. Hopefully, they work. I want to walk on the Trails to see the change of I'm hoping I'll be able to do that.

I've also discovered I've lost my phone book. Or it was misplaced by little hands or one pair of daddy hands in the attempt to keep little hands away. Either way, I'm stuck looking for it. As long as it's not in the Christmas storage boxes, I'll be glad. I found quite a few things that were "lost" but had been placed with the ornaments for a years storage. I'm glad these things were found, however, waiting a year for something to uncover itself, is a bit annoying.

I've been getting so many wonderful goodies from the ornament exchange! Apparently, I lucked out as most of my goodies came from across the seas! Only one was from the US. I love trading! So far, I've gotten goodies from Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, and Texas.


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