my toe hurts

That's all I can think of right now. I don't remember if I took my Motrin but it sure feels like I didn't. I was supposed to have a toe procedure a month ago but because of some unforeseen events, I had to postpone it. And now I'm in pain. I'm feeling sorry for my self, so forgive my complaining.

Anyway...big breath...phew. I still have Christmas presents to finish up, I really am annoyed that my dear husband basically doesn't do squat to get presents for his folks/family and I have to do nearly everything in this regards. Everything from buying, making, wrapping, thinking about and remembering all this present stuff. I wish I had just gotten 10 $10 gift cards and said, there you go. I know, not much thought and all. Actually, what I'd like to do, love to do, is just make cards with beautiful paintings on them and that would be the gift/card. Geez, I didn't even send my aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. I feel a sudden tightness in my slightly dislocated shoulder. argh.

Well, maybe I should make a newsletter and recount the various things we did all year like some people do. I find that a tad annoying, so, I just write a blog instead. lol Never mind.

Another annoyance to me is, some people are very hard to buy anything/make anything for. Me, on the other hand, would like nearly anything and be content with most anything (except buttered jam, or some other rancid type thing in a jar or men's socks...which I actually got. I'm still bitter about this).

They say it's the thought that counts but when there is no thought and just trying to fill an empty space allotted for a person's name, stick with a gift card.

I know I sound unappreciative but, I guess I am. Or actually a little sad. I guess I'm being a tad emotional...again, it's the toe.

Well, today is clean the rat's cage and should be fun. Jon and I can clean it in under 20 minutes. We might be getting a new rat cage (two stories and a litter box on the bottom for easy clean up). I'm excited about it but I kind of like the one we have now but it does take time. It's two aquariums linked together with wire at the top of the wire mesh.

Other news, another friend is leaving...moving to Alaska! I still can't believe it. Seems everyone is moving these days. I hope she has lots of Northern Exposure adventures and lots of fun.

The ground is cold outside and crisp with white. Frost is appearing and we all wore our coats out. But it warmed up a bit by afternoon. Still, no snow and it's still cold. I put up some lights on the post the other day. So, I guess we're sort of festive. I'm getting the urge to pull my bike out of the garage. The one that's sat there for 3 years...nearing 4, now that I think about it. Probably needs new tires and a cleaning. If the snow doesn't show up soon, I'll take it for a spin at the trail.

Looks like Jon's back with subway sandwiches. So much for the casserole I planned or at least thought of, for dinner. I need to photograph some ornaments from my ornament swaps. They are so darling! I got them the other day and because of all the events, I haven't had time to ogle them appropriately. Plus, my gals were grabbing at them like rats before a cheese sandwich.


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