I don't like this Google/blogger merge

I feel like I was just comfortable with blogger when they had to go and merge with google and now I have to re-learn everything. It stinks. Plus, we downloaded the new internet explorer and this changed all the formats, files, etc...I do not like it. I am feeling reluctant about all this change and it's making me feel annoyed about using the computer/internet. Very frustrating.

Jon was ill and is feeling better and then I got something. We're doing fine...just taking it easy. Made the mistake of going to the park today and finding the bathrooms were all closed for the season. So, we had to make a pit stop. Ah, the joys of upset tummies.

But the girls are down, supposedly for naps. Norrie is very cranky and is testing our nerves. Lydia is napping but I think she just wants her pacifier. She would be using that thing all day but we make it firmly for sleeping or if she's sick. I guess everyone has they comforts...

The basement is looking livable though still needs to be cleaned out. I'm going to sort and freecycle things away some more. I'd like to get some shelves and organize things according to use/art supplies. I feel good about what's happening down there. Maybe we can scrub the floor this weekend and clean out the coal bin. I really can't believe things we're getting on top of this. Amazing.

My toe has re-infected itself and I have a doctors appointment for this soon. I can't believe how annoying this is becoming but it will soon be over, thankfully. I started the antibiotics I had to stop when I had my major cold. I can already see a difference. Amazing. Might have to have both my big toes worked on. Aren't I lucky?

Anyway, the weather is good here. No snow, warm and actually nice. The girls are being really annoying...basically, getting on each other's nerves and being attention getters. I guess they feel cranky. So much for the naps...

Maybe I should clean out the 3rd floor too and make that a nice space to hangout. It's just so cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer. We're going to be insulating that space too...eventually.

Anyway, I feel tired and my patience is wearing thin. At least, I did a little artwork last night and Jon's folks watched the kids for a bit. That was nice.


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