I am tired.

Wasn't a too busy day in some way, but more in others. I wish I didn't have a headache...plus, my ear is starting to ache. Not a good sign and makes me think I'm getting another cold. I think this is a possibility as I was at my allergist for a good long while (an hour's wait!) and then there are the cold germs from various folks. Oh, well.

But there is a nice local concert we're going to go to in about a half hour. Jazz singing and such a nice change from all the church group stuff...at least I hoping it is. It's nice to have a balance.

I can't believe it's already Saturday night. Nelson is pestering me for something...most likely attention to play. Yes, he just ran off to look for a toy when I said "get your toy". Sometimes, he's actually aware of what I'm saying (usually if I have a piece of cheese or cracker in my hand). Oh, well.

We got the rats a big toy ball. This thing is huge. Norrie already cracked it by dropping it. But it's still usable. The rats seem to like it but I have to have Nelson tethered up somewhere or he'll go crazy. I think he needs a good half hour of playing and he'd be fine.

I stopped by the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts and went over some postcards with Karen. It was a nice time, actually. Lots of ideas are brewing.

Then, we went to the market and I think this is where I was tuckered out. We like to go to Giant Eagle as they have a nice spot for kids called the Eagle's Nest. I thought the girls would be apprehensive but they seem to really like it actually. I'm guessing adjusting to kindergarten won't be as traumatic as I thought it would be.

Oh, and we stopped at the pet shop too...so, I'm ready to relax to some music.

I'm listening to Barbara Streisand sing "Ave Maria"...she does an incredbily beautiful job.


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